What if I told you

What if I told you

As we lead into the final hours of 2018, here’s the last blog of the year!

Each week, on my Instagram account (follow me @seyvoice) I do a quick live called “#whatifItoldyou

The final installment was on Friday.

What if I told you…that you are enough.

What do I mean by that?

Don’t confuse being enough with being ready. Don’t confuse being enough with having all the answers. Don’t confused being enough with not having to work towards and for something.

So, what DO I mean?

You are enough…

to nurture and develop your talent, if it’s important to you.

to figure out what is actually important to you and not apologize for pursuing that.

to commit to your craft.

to have moments to laugh.

to not take yourself so seriously.

to sign up for a class.

to contact a teacher and consult with them about where you begin the new year.

to commit to ongoing & regular study and development.

to make time for self care.

to read more.

to listen to music, just because.

to learn a new skill, simply because it interests you.

to look into that mirror and claim what is truly reflected there.

to hold yourself to a higher standard.

to no longer tolerate the bullshit.

to not engage in mediocre mindsets.

to ask questions.

to pursue honest answers.

to say no.

to say yes.

to do it anyway.

to quit apologizing for things that don’t require “I’m sorry” (that’s a big one for me!)

to claim your place, no matter where it is.

to pivot and re-do.

to pivot and acknowledge.

to pivot and re-adjust.

to change your self-talk.

to experience new things.

to focus on the work.

to dream a little.

to cry a little.

to release what is not serving your being.

to claim what you do not yet own.

to be okay with any decision you commit to.


YOU are simply, ENOUGH.

Claim a word for 2019. Breathe some life into it. You are enough to begin there. One step at a time.

Happy, Joyous, Song-filled, Breath-filled, new year.

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