Change, Choice & Challenge

Change, Choice & Challenge

Happy Solstice weekend, Happy Yule, Happy Holidays!

This is the time of year that I begin to explore change, choice & challenge.

I asked on my social media platforms what your word for 2019 is. Or maybe you have several. It allows us to focus and meditate a little on how we want to enter the new year.

Mine is: change.

Committing to change, discovering change, being the change - claiming the change!

Challenge yourself: what do you want to change? What do you see as change?

Discover the challenges OF the change. What’s in your way? Who is in the way? Explore your thought patterns, your self-speak: we are often our own worst enemy initially. It’s okay to acknowledge that.

No matter the challenge, we have choice. The choosing comes from recognizing the challenge, in order to make the change.

Explore these in all different orders. It’s kind of a fascinating exercise.

Challenge can be something you are challenged by, but also something you want to challenge yourself with.

Change can allow access to that challenge, and the choices you create can influence the changes you want to make and to be.

Explore and flesh out ideas of change, choice & challenge. See where it leads you. The beautiful thing about all three: none are locked in. They are moveable, they are malleable, they are fluid and flexible.

Be bold.

Be clear.

Be creative.

Be the change.

Be the choice.

Accept the challenge.

Your journey as an artist, as a human being, as a performer, and any definition you choose to give yourself, is simply and always YOURS. Choose to challenge change on that journey, to reveal more of what is possible!

YOU are possible.

And as my Dad would say:

Happy, Merry, Ho Ho Ho!

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