Where the Magic Happens

Sunday musings before Solstice…

As we near the end of the calendar year, many things begin to percolate for me.

I always have questions. Many more questions than answers, as I continue to morph and change and journey.

As I have been exploring what is now and what is next and making room for that, the idea of magic has come into my sphere.

What is magic anyway? What does it evoke? How is it created?

The definition depends on who you speak to & how it is interpreted. Perhaps that’s the most effective way in: how do you interpret it? How do you recognize it? Is it something that is instant because you want it so? Is it something you create specifically or someone creates for you? Is it wishing, hoping, yearning?


The word “magic” could be a noun or verb. One definition is: move, change, or create by or as if by magic.

It is created through art & skill. Ability, talent. It is a practice.

Interesting, no?

It isn’t “let me wave my wand and blow unicorn glitter on you and voila, you will have what you think you need”. No, not at all. What you THINK you need, may not be it at all.

Magic is revealed through ACTION. It is created through, created by, created when, created as.

Magic happens when all the forces are aligned. It isn’t perfection. It’s alignment. It’s energy. It’s AUTHENTICITY.

Okay, before you start rolling your eyes at Susan getting too “woo-woo”, let’s ponder this further.

What if the journey was not to add more, but to reveal more?

What if the journey was to acknowledge the “imposter syndrome” you often carry in your peripheral and release it, to see where you really are?

What if the journey wasn’t linear at all, but rather deeper and higher and more expansive?

A singer recently commented during a session on something we were working on technically and said “So, is this the last piece of the puzzle?”

It took me off guard, in all honesty. I have never viewed technique or craft as DONE. If it is a linear achievement, then, there is no depth nor dimension, nor ability to create in the moment. So, I answered, “No. There is no done, there is only where you are & what you can do with it.”

Perhaps that’s where the magic happens: when all the points of discovery come together through craft, intellect, intuition, technique, psyche & response to uncover the reality of the moment; the reality of the breath; the reality of the word; the reality of the phrase, of the note, of character - and REVEAL authenticity.

So quit trying so hard to make it happen, or stop it from happening. Quit trying to control it all, you dear sweet Type A that I know so well. Quit trying to convince yourself it’s all or nothing. Quit trying to be perfect.

Explore. Discover. Journey not to “become” but to actually “reveal” and “uncover”. And in revealing, honing and committing to the truth, you find something uniquely yours, uniquely you.

Strive to explore what you do not yet own. And own it. Own the doubts, the fears, the good the bad and the ugly.

Perhaps that’s where the magic begins.

Susan Eichhorn Young covers all things voice—strong and sophisticated singing and speaking. 

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