Re-commit to what you're Ready for!

Sunday Musings...

A little subtle alliteration for your week, that lingers a little longer that you'd expect...(see what I did there?)

I have committed to #sundayselfcare - even if it's just something small each week.  I have to re-commit to it each week, because it's too easy to say "I have so much to do this week",  and focus on work and business and and and that I forget taking the time to just BE is crucial to my well-being and my readiness to re-enter the atmosphere Monday.

So,  what happens?  How do we get "there"?

Are you complacent?  Do you default to that position?  Are you an energizer bunny that gets stuck in a loop? Do you just go and not think?  Are you throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks?  Are you just not even bothering because it's exhausting?

I realize that might be the extreme on either end,  but it gives us a framework to play in.

As I get older,  I am really consciously releasing the control of what I call "writing the script".  As a classically trained actor & musician,  that is often a scary thing.  The script and the score gives us direction and a tactile entity that guides us,  allows for stability,  or at least a false sense of one.  It gives us a sense of control perhaps.   

I am claiming the outline of the blueprint now.  The improv within a structure.  It defines without control;  it can be shifted as needed or wanted;  It is the possibility of what we can create, or how we live.  It gives permission to go back and adjust,  change,  start again.  It allows permission to change "but now"  to "and, then".

Committing to,  or re-committing to something is challenging, exhilarating, exhausting & nauseating.  I get it.  As artists,  we are constantly re-negotiating that commitment through different forms. you know what you are ready for?  Ah, here is the magic possibility...

Sometimes we are so focused on the commitment to something,  that we have not seen what we are actually ready for.  Being ready for something now, doesn't mean that something won't change later.  The evolution of what you are ready for grows with your commitment, your awareness, your talent and your skill,  as well as your craft,  your knowledge and your awareness.

As artists, we never stop growing.  

So, what are you ready for?  Right now?  Not the 10 year plan;  not the 5 year plan.  NOW.  

Hint:  if you are have the "if I am not doing/being XYZ by this particular TIME,  then it's not happening"  talk with yourself.  SHTAP right now.  You need to be NOW more than ever.  The illusion of the script is larger than you.  You are not an illusion.  The script is.


What can you consciously conjure that is truly in your grasp RIGHT NOW that you can commit to that will not cause hives, nausea or an eye roll?

These are the necessary steps and commitments that help to create the blueprint you outline.  This gives you the tools to access more specificity as you pursue craft, life, a career, the business and more.

A panic attack?  apathy?  anger?  resentment?  fatigue? all the carbs?  all the chocolate?

  all possible reactions to a script that isn't yours.  

This doesn't mean "fake it til you make it" either.  That's just another form of stress management.  It just takes you out of NOW and numbs you elsewhere.

What you are ready for and what you are pursuing can be different things.  They may line up eventually,  or they may morph and change.  

Example?  If you say "I am moving to NYC to be on Broadway" and that's the defining factor you can expect stress, anxiety, meltdown,  overwhelm and more.  Why?  Because it's not what you are ready for,  unless you are.  The multitude of factors that go into that could fill a book!

Instead of saying that there is so much to do and figure out and why bother - why not really determine what you are ready for:  are you ready to audition?  for what?  for whom?  How do you do that?  are you ready for a career? if so,  where and how?  are you ready vocally?  technically?  artistically?  for what?  

There are answers and readiness for all these levels and stages of YOU!  Claiming and committing to your own outline allows you inhabit it fully and then re-commit to where it leads you,  where it takes you,  and what presents itself to you.

Be ready by committing to your own path,  your own talent,  your own person.  Stand in the integrity of that truth.  Create the outline, and do it in pencil so you can erase and change the angle easily - even with an exaggerated eye roll!

Feel what it's like to breathe when you re-commit to that.  Or maybe, commit to that possibility for real this time. 

Susan Eichhorn Young covers all things voice—strong and sophisticated singing and speaking. 

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