Check Your Batteries!

Did you know that it's Happy Check Your Batteries Day?

I didn't either.  Seeing that inspired me today,  since we have just come off of 9 FREAKING DAYS OF NO POWER in our neck of the woods.  Batteries were definitely used.  Batteries need replacing now, so I know when I hit the switch (and hopefully not too soon!) the light comes on!

Which then got me thinking...

have you checked YOUR batteries lately?  Are the old and not working?  Are they exhausted?  Are you asking "what batteries?" right about now?

2018 is well under way.  I won't lie, it's not been an easy one for me,  and if I had a chance to have a do-over, I would probably take it.  However,  I realize that my do-over can simply start now:  with checking my batteries,  and replacing focus, thought patterns, behaviors that might be dull, over-used, useless or unnecessary.  I can start fresh with re-charged batteries and mindset.  

Do you need to re-amp your batteries?  Have you gotten complacent and too comfortable in your day to day and it's time to rev the motor a little and focus on your craft, on your business of self? A little hint:  nobody is coming to find you - or any of us - so it's up to us to keep ourselves VISIBLE.  Being visible doesn't mean being a pain in the ass:  it means if we are out of sight, we are out of mind.  Knowing how to rev the engine and where to direct the energy is key!

Do you need to re-charge your batteries, and take a breather?  Have you been going hard this year already and starting to feel burnt out?  

Maybe it's time to sit down, self-care,  and observe what you need right now and find that stillness to allow you to re-energize!  Go go go isn't great either.  Often our systems will simply crash when it's too much and then it takes even longer to rejuvenate from that shut down (take it from someone who has done this more times than I am willing to admit publicly to!)

What are you using your energy for?

Do you need to change focus a bit in order to feel productive?

Are you doing "busy" work but not "momentum" work?  Busy for the sake of busy isn't always a great use of time nor energy.  It wears everything down.  Momentum allows for peaks and releases,  and gives those batteries a longer life span.  

None of us can give 100% of 100% all the time.  And we shouldn't.  And it's okay.

We can all learn to give 100% of whatever we have at the time to whatever needs our focus.

Sometimes we need to focus on that audition;  on the business of self;  on classes; on lessons;  on coaching;  

Sometimes we need to focus on our health - physical and emotional and psychological.

Sometimes we need to focus on our environment - physically and emotionally.

Sometimes, our relationships need more focus. 

It isn't all or nothing.  Sometimes it's stillness; sometimes it's self-care;  sometimes it's activity; 

It's NOT all or nothing.  It's NOT failure when one area of our lives isn't always present, or when we choose to focus specifically on something we need/desire/create for awhile.

However,  staying mindful is crucial when there is a ramped up energy,  or a slow leak of energy, or running on fumes,  so we know when to say slow down, stop, be still and check those batteries and decide what they need now.

If something is trying to get your attention,  and it's still in your peripheral vision,  pay attention to it.  You don't want to wait until it's directly in front of you, staring you down and not letting you move.  Trust me on that.

If you don't need it,  conserve that battery life and turn it off for a minute.  Don't wait for an SOS moment and have nothing to give!

We are all complex creatures.  We aren't on/off switches, and yet so often, we treat ourselves that way.  You have many speeds,  many directions,  many focuses,  many possibilities.  Treat your batteries in a way that can fuel that complexity completely.  Don't ignore the warning lights.  Re-charging before there is absolutely no more charge is definitely worth your time and will save you so much in the long run!

So,  do you need  a re-charge or a boost?  Do you need a new set of batteries?  Do you need to actually get off your ass and USE that power now?  What is it for you?

Check those batteries,  and don't be afraid to use them in the direction that you say you need.  Old batteries can leak if never used and can ruin what they were supposed to fuel.  Don't let that happen either.  

No value judgment.  No self-hate or chastisement.  Just check the batteries, and make the adjustment,  and stay present and pay attention. 

There is no right or wrong as you decide what YOU need to do.  It just has to be a decision.  And it just has to be for YOU.



Susan Eichhorn Young covers all things voice—strong and sophisticated singing and speaking. 

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