All The Choices!

Sunday musings as we begin the month of June…

We have choices. Seriously, we DO.

One of the things I am bound to say in a voice lesson to a singer, as we are trying something new, is this: “ let’s explore this. There is no value judgement. It’s simply a choice. If it doesn’t access what we need, we’ll simply make another choice.”

It’s simply a choice. We can always make another choice.

Why do we make it so difficult for ourselves with this?

It’s not all or nothing.

It’s not black and white.

It’s somewhere in between so we have room to rotate, reclaim & re-do!

Choice can be informed or uninformed. That’s really the crux of it, isn’t it? An uninformed choice may, simply by fluke, be a good choice. Generally, though, it’s a crap shoot. An INFORMED choice, however, gives you permission to feel as if you are steering your intentions, with the information you have, to create options, possibilities, and movement.

With choice, comes responsibility. With choice, comes consequence. With choice, comes possibility.

You have the choice to study regularly, or not. What are the pros and the cons? What is your responsibility for either choice? What are the consequences of that choice? What possibilities are gained or lost, potentially?

You see where I’m going with this?

Often, we are simply too emotionally involved to truly access an objective choice. What if we begin to access the objectivity by actually CHOOSING to CHOOSE?

The choice to study; the choice to take time off; the choice to pivot, step, ball, change into another area of our life; the choice to explore our mental health; the choice to heal; the choice to travel; the choice to declutter; the choice to manifest; the choice to be ready; the choice to not bother; the choice to acknowledge what the business seems to want; the choice to make those changes; the choice to ignore those changes…

Choice happens whether you choose to or not. If you don’t want to see what you might need to see, that’s a choice.

What do you want? Why? What does that represent to you?

What can you choose to DO to bring you closer and more prepared to DO what you say you want?

Choice is action. It can often mask as re-action.

Choice is not a value. Make a choice, follow the ACTION through. If that’s not it, not enough, not what you thought, not feeding your soul, simply MAKE ANOTHER CHOICE.

Choice needs to be bold. It doesn’t need to be loud. You don’t have to scream from the top of Manhattan that you are DOING THIS!!!

Choice can be bold in its quiet determination.

Choice can be baby steps.

Choice cannot be timid. It has to have a reason for being there.

So - guess what?

Your turn. What do you CHOOSE? Why? What happens next?

Your choice.

Choose - action - choice.

Make your choice conscious. Make it from an informed decision. Make the choice from where you are, what you know, and where you are heading. As you continue, perhaps another choice reveals itself, because the action of your choice demands you take a look!

Your life. Your rules. Your choices. Your consequences. Your path. Your journey. YOU.

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