How are you being seen?

Sunday musings…

We often speak of, and need to continue to explore, how we want to be seen, what we choose to reveal, how to be present in our artistic lives and business space.

Very important ideas and momentum.

However, how ARE you being seen? What are you DOING to be seen?

Artists generally have a love/hate, hate/love relationship with the art they create, and the world they need to inhabit to have that art seen, heard, recognized.

Trust me, I get that.

Networking, schmoozing, yuck, gross, nasty. It’s not easy, it often fees vile and in opposition to what we stand for as artists.


If you say you want a career…

If you say you want to do art…

If you say you want to perform, write, direct, paint, create, sing, act….

If you aren’t being seen, then what are you DOING?

This isn’t an all or nothing statement. You don’t have to, all of a sudden, sign up for a million networking events, classes, re-do your website, get new head shots, and the list goes on.

Two questions:

  1. How do you wish to be seen?

  2. What are you doing to BE SEEN?

How you wish to be seen can then be taken out of the practice room, the creative and craft focused space to be INTRODUCED on your terms, to the people who need to see you.

Start slowly.

New head shots? New reel? New recordings? Who needs to see them? Make a list of people in the business who need to see those updates to remind them that yes, you are here, yes you need to be seen, yes you are available.

Start sending out those emails. Make them personal. Make them matter. Let the YOU that is reflected in that image and in that video be reflected in that email.

What shows, what companies are you focused on? What roles are you right for? Who is producing that repertoire? Who is composing that repertoire? Who are the people in that creative and business space?

Can you request to coach with someone who can see you, work with you, recognize you, who can then give you a recommendation into the next level?

Yeah, Susan, but I hate doing that….

I get it.

Get over it.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get any answer. Even if the answer is “no”, “not now”, you still leaned forward, and your name is out there and you gave permission to be seen. They don’t know you exist if you don’t introduce yourself.

And re-introduce yourself, and re-introduce yourself.

Yes, that too.

Every time you re-emerge, you re-invent, you re-imagine, you must re-introduce.

Are you being annoying? Probably not. There’s always going to be that very small percentage that doesn’t understand boundaries, but the majority of you are probably too careful; too timid; too worried you are being too much.

You are not too much. You are just right.

Work on how you want to be seen, and then BE SEEN.

Boundaries and a cool touch.

The cool touch is always odd for passionate artists, but it’s crucial for business.

Write the email. Ask for that precious commodity called time, and make it worth it. Take a breath and let it out, and hit send.

Release it.

Be seen.

Create the momentum. Put it in your planner. Create a mantra.


Don’t disappear. Don’t shrink away. Don’t apologize.

Take up space.

Take up time.

If you don’t think you are worth it, nobody else will.

Leave the insecurity baggage at the door.

Create the moment. Create the possibility for yourself. Create the opportunity to be seen.

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