Are you a list person?

I actually love lists. There is great satisfaction in crossing things off your “to do” list when accomplishment is met!

I write lists on actual paper; I use the app, Asana, to create specific tasks and lists and projects and more.

However, when I have completed a task, and click it as “done” - it simply disappears. I have to admit, it was a bit of a let down.

So then I thought - what if we changed the list? What if we created a “TA-DA!” list?!?!

This would be a list that could be broken down into sub-categories for your life of the things you have accomplished/completed each day/each week.

Instead of crossing off, instead of clicking “done” and that task disappears - it actually reveals what you have accomplished.


I still have my “to do” tasks. Now when I complete things, I move them over the to the “ta-da!” list. It gives you a visual reminder of what you HAVE accomplished.

Sometimes, we feel as if we didn’t get things done; forgot things; how many times have you said “I didn’t do anything today” and then continued to beat yourself up? What if you wrote a “ta-da!” list and were actually faced with what you were able to accomplish that day?

Get as creative as you want. Your “Ta-Da!” list, just as your “to do” list can be broken into as many categories as it makes sense for you.

Here are some of mine:

  1. Self Care

  2. Studio Business

  3. Business of Me

  4. Craft

  5. Household

  6. Commitments Ongoing

  7. Projects Personal

  8. Projects Professional

Get creative with these lists. As you have finished/accomplished/worked on anything, you simply cross if off that list and write it/type it/move it to your “TA-DA!” list.

Didn’t think you accomplished anything today? I suggest quite the contrary.

The sense of accomplishment when seeing something more tangible in writing, in print can be even more motivation to keep going and moving toward the next.


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